Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 things About Me...

  • I was tagged by Angel_Bear:
  1. Only my close friends can call me 'Emut'.
  2. I ’m Simple Girl, Always Smile… I Mean Happy la...
  3. I friendly anyone can be my friend… tak kira la bangsa,agama & negara
  4. talk a lot too.
  5. My favorite color is pink and green.
  6. I love to sing!!
  7. I love to dance…if I alone at home la..hehehee…hayo
  8. I love mega sales and bukan kaki shopping tau..
  9. I cant live without food..coz ada gastric bah….
  10. I enjoy being with my friends and family..
  11. I like watched movie like ghost & funny.
  12. I don’t like to eat the durian…
  13. I still like watch cartoon network… especially SpongeBob …hehehee
  14. I dislike like the people busybody about me…
  15. I like to reading coz I feel very enjoy…
  16. I very like to searching² internet……
  17. Yes, I cried at the movies, I cried when something upsets me.. hahahaha..
  18. My favorite number is 12.
  19. My favorite dessert is Vanilla cream pie..
  20. I feel want To Meet Old my friends, and One thing I Keep In My Mind,
  21. I weighed 48kg once but now I don’t know maybe 50kg already.
  22. I love played games especially MasteryVille ..
  23. I dislike like drink Nescafe..
  24. I like cari uban rambut my mom….hehehehe, windu pla kat mama aku kat sabah..
  25. I like heard Radio… especially HOT fm & Music fm